Stills from the filming of ‘Untitled Murder Mystery’ (2022)

Stills from the filming of ‘Untitled Murder Mystery’ (2022)

Stills from the filming of ‘Allied’ 2016

Stills from the filming of ‘The King’s Speech’ 2010

Stills from the filming of video for ‘Matilda’

Stills from the filming of ’25 years’ promo for ‘John Lewis’

Filming history in Iliffe Yard & on the Pullens Estate 2000 – 2021


Untitled Murder Mystery, (working title) / Possibly ‘See How They Run’
Disney SL UK Productions
Director / Tom George
Writer / Mark Chappell
Starring / Adrien Brody, Sam Rockwell & Saoirse Ronan
In snow, a Police car’s driving in the west end of Iliffe Yard, late evening shoot, no photography                  while filming . . .

Spider –
Feature film Directed by David Cronenberg, 2002

The Bill –
TV series (car driving through Iliffe Yard)

The Kings Speech –
Feature film directed by Tom Hooper, 2010

Matilda –
Music video directed by David Alterbelli

Mini Cooper Countryman –
Magazine Advert

Hereafter –
Feature film directed by Clint Eastwood, 2010

John Lewis –
25 Years film 2017

Allied –
Feature film Directed by Robert Zemeckis, 2016

Daphnie –
Feature film directed by Peter Mackie Burns, 2017

Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas 2017 –
(Channel 4) TV special on craft
(with Barbara Wakefield & Mr Smith)

Tennison – Prime Suspect 1973
TV series, Episode 6, 2017

Sam Smith –
Too Good at Goodbyes Music Video
(Riff Raff films) 2017

Make, Craft Britain –
BBC4 TV series, Episode 1, 2018
(featuring Mr Smith)

The Pullens Estate & Iliffe Yard are often used as a ‘authentic historical location’ for film & TV. Alan J Robertson is a technical advisor for both film & TV & is the organiser & adviser to all filming in the yards. To discuss locations, options, schedules, donations & details please contact Alan on or 0773 0327 043 or visit number 2 Iliffe Yard.